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From Dante to the New Jersey suburbs, from Darwin to Bob Dylan to Barbie dolls, The Book of Sleep takes in the panoramic and the personal, the fantastic and mundane. Many of the poems explore the inner landscape of birth and new motherhood. From this liminal, dreamlike space, they open out onto vistas of history, travel, science and politics.

“...these lyrics have richness galore--the texture of the world experienced in its glory and plenitude, observed and celebrated by a subtle intelligence.”

-- Gregory Orr

“Wonderfully hypnotic, The Book of Sleep is a visually powerful, spiritual journey through landscapes of human and natural worlds and of lands kept hidden from clear consciousness. The language and subject matter build into a beautiful hymnal to the light we can embrace and the darkness that indelibly surrounds us.”

-- Susan Hahn

“The Book of Sleep is simply enchanting.”

-- Denise Duhamel

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