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Brazil: first lessons

Lesson #1: Be flexible.

We arrived in Salvador on Thursday morning after an overnight flight, planning to catch a 1:00 bus at the bus station in the city to Lencois, a 7-hour ride. At the airport we were greeted by our friend Nina, who we'd been expecting, as well as our dear friends Deena and her son Kaimana, who we hadn't.

So much for our plans.

While we ate breakfast at the airport in a bit of a bleary daze. E, R, and J hit it off with Kaimana as though it had been five minutes rather than four years since they'd seen him. So instead of the bus station, the boys rode back to our old condominium, Aldeiotta, with Deena, while Dan and I stayed to change money and figure out my visa status at the Federal Police. (It wouldn't be a trip to Brazil without a bureacracy run-in, now would it?)

On that front, it turns out my permanent visa had expired, even though it was supposedly valid until 2019. Oh well, they let me stay in the country, so I'll leave that one to figure out before I come back next year.

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