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Lesson #3: Things usually work out (see lesson #1).

Lesson #3: Things usually work out (see lesson #1).

We were supposed to have to pay a multa (fine) for missing our bus, but Nina took us to the bus station, and indignantly told the clerk, "These people had to sleep on the floor last night! You won't make them pay the multa. De jeito nehum." (No way.)

OK, the woman shrugged. Fine. ("Of course, don't worry, I wouldn't lose sleep over a $7.50 multa, anyway, I'm rich!").

Then we got on the (very comfortable) bus for the seven-hour ride to Lencois.

Still to come: the boys make a couple of new friends in our rasta hostel, we celebrate the Brazil victory over Chile, Dan washes clothes on a washboard. And more photos. Stay tuned!

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