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Monday was supposed to be the first day of kindergarten for J. He put on his backpack with colored pencils and a notebook, and we headed up the hill with N. and her mother to get the school bus. J. was a little nervous, but excited.

Kindergarten here is a half day, and part of nursery school, not elementary. (First grade here is called alfabetizacao, when they start learning to read.)

N. looked very cute and neat in her tight braids and uniform. The bus pulled up after a few minutes, and we climbed aboard: J., N., me, and N's mother.

I'm sorry, the bus driver informed us. The creche (nursery school) is closed. They're doing some work on the building. It's all closed up. Maybe try again next week?

N.'s mother shook her head, frustrated. Why can't they do the work during the break? she wondered.

And we headed back down the hill. J. went to watch a cartoon at N.'s house (at least he got a little bit of a Portuguese lesson).

Meanwhile, I have gotten some feedback from a loyal reader that perhaps my blog posts are too negative. I'm not sure what to make of this. But I am always open to suggestions.

I promise to include more about E. soon, too.

And in the spirit of positivity, I will not mention at all a certain soccer game that is currently underway.

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