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Rockin' Lencois (a guest post)

The Serrano, which is just outside of town, is our most frequently visited waterfall. It's about a 20-minute hike, up smooth eroded rock. The Serrano is a great place to swim. There are three main pools, usually very cold, but refreshing. There is a natural slide that leads from one pool to another.

There are red rocks there that you can paint your face with. Or pretty much paint anything with. There's a mural in town painted with just these rocks.

It's a great place to find crystals also. I found lots and lots of them. You can find them by looking in the gravel. This town started as a diamond-mining place. Pretty much all of the diamonds have been found.

Today, I'm pretty sure I found my first diamond. But I'm still trying to convince my dad that the crystal he found is not a diamond.

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